“To see what MVP is capable of creating in a short amount of time is amazing. Their mobile live-fire training dummies are going to revolutionize how Special Operations units train”

– Former MARSOC Raider


Train How You Fight: Realistic Size, Speed, & Mobility
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Size: 5 ft 9 inches tall

  • Weight: 250 lbs

  • Zero-turn radius

  • 3-Dimensional Humanoid Shape

Instant 360° Bullet Detection & Reaction

4 different, customizable zones (head, core body, fringe body, and pelvic) that will sense, record, and fall over as the desired number of hits occur from any direction

Long Range & Long Battery Life

Travel the range from end to end with a reliable, long range 2.4GHz controller that has 1000 m range of operation & train for up to 6 hours of training

Mobile App
  • Customize training: custom select zones, required number of hits, and manually raise or lower the target
  • Instant data: live audio & visual feedback and reports on specs like accuracy, timing, etc... that operators can review and correct while training

Easily Replaceable Consumable Targets

Easily replace target tops in seconds or quickly break down the system for transport


The base is built with thick AR steel & covered with ballistic rubber to protect from damage and prevent ricochets. Foam filled tires are tough against live rounds but can quickly be replaced in the field if needed!

All-terrain: Indoor & Outdoor
  • 4-wheeled drive system — increases clearance and gives better traction on all surfaces
  • Compact base — enables operators to drive in tight spaces like hallways and doorways (tested on grass, woodlands, rocks, dirt, gravel, concrete, etc...)

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Our products will revolutionize your tactical training.

MVP is proud to announce that the MVP|Tactical has been put to the test and is available for Tactical Training!

MVP presents an innovative training partner that creates a realistic training environment.  With realistic size and speed, which have been specifically engineered to replicate the height and weight of a skilled professional, the MVP enables true-to-life training scenarios that were previously too dangerous or impractical to replicate.  By simulating human motion and reaching speeds of 18 mph, the MVP enables users to practice grappling, striking and shooting at a mobile target without the impact, fatigue, and dangers traditionally associated with force on force training.

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Brought to you by the company that invented the World’s first robotic, self-righting tackling dummy: The MVP|DRIVE!