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Revolutionizing realistic live-fire special operations and military training with mobile humanoid robots to accurately replicate safe field-relevant experience.

Law Enforcement

Revolutionizing realistic live-fire Municipal Forces and SWAT team training with mobile humanoid robots to accurately replicate safe field-relevant experience.

Private Ranges

Revolutionizing realistic firearms training at shooting clubs with mobile humanoid robots to safely and accurately replicate live-fire experience.


HEKTR (Humanoid Engage-able Kinetic Training Robot) is revolutionizing realistic tactical training for Military, Law Enforcement, and Private Shooting Clubs. Trainees can now use this highly mobile and realistic training system to replicate safe field-relevant experience.

  • 3-dimensional armored target
  • Real-time 360° shot detection response with instant feedback
  • Simulates human motion with speeds up to 18mph
  • Simple remote control - easy to use out of the box
  • Modular tops - field-replaceable humanoid targets
  • Ideal for outdoor terrain and Indoor close quarter engagement
  • Real-time training assessment data capture via the mobile pap

The HEKTR Sensor Targets

HEKTR Target Specs:
Target Material: Self-healing foam, reinforced plastic spine

  • 4 Target Senor Zones:
  • 1. Head
  • 2. Core
  • 3. Pelvic
  • 4. Fringe

The HEKTR Sensor Targets contain a specialized 4-zone sensor system that is contained within a self-healing foam body. The target system can be controlled and customized through the mobile app. The self-healing foam body is built around a circular reinforced plastic spine for added durability. The circular spine gives operators the ability to further customize training scenarios by allowing users to change the orientation of the target to present various profiles to shooters. All targets are consumable and easily replaced within seconds!

Kill Cycle:

1. Complete “kill”—when the target is hit the set number of times and th e target top falls back to the downed “kill” position (pictured right)

2. Down Target will remain in the “killed” or “downed” position for the designated amount of time set by the user. Through the HEKTR mobile app, you will be able to:

• customize the target reset time
• control the target position (up/down) manually
• change speed at which the target falls & raises

3. Reset— once the target reaches the set down time it will raise back up to the “live” position


All of this power from a handheld tablet or phone:

  • Customize training scenarios
  • Define & assign roles to multiple targets (threat, civilian, etc.)
  • Set target zone shot detection limits and parameters
  • Adjust respawn time
  • Instant real-time shot location
  • Manually control target position (down or fully upright)
  • Revive target sensor tops (electrical short correction)
  • Full training reporting

"MVP’s mobile live fire training dummies are going to revolutionize how Special Operations Units train."

- Former MARSOC Raider

"The MVP humanoid target (HEKTR) takes tactical training for military and law enforcement to a whole other level."

Captain Todd Senniff