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"MVP was founded in 2015 at Dartmouth College with the intent to make football training safe and more realistic. After extensive testing and iteration the MVP|DRIVE, the world's first mobile tackling dummy was developed and soon adopted by professional, collegiate, and high school football teams across the United States. To date, 15 NFL teams, more than 40 NCAA teams, and over 75 high school football programs are using MVP Drive.

In 2018, the proven technology was then adapted and advanced for testing by municipal police SWAT units and Naval Special Warfare personnel. MVP developed HEKTR (humanoid engageable kinetic training robot) in response to operators' need for a realistic, mobile, live fire training target. HEKTR employs revolutionary MVP-developed bullet sensing technology, all-terrain 4WD capability, and live fire target feedback through an iOS app.

HEKTR is now the most advanced mobile robotic humanoid target and pre-sales will begin at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

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